Havadan Nemrut (İngilizce) / Nemrut From The Air kitabını indir

Havadan Nemrut (İngilizce) / Nemrut From The Air
Mount Nemrut is the highest peak in Turkey’s Taurus range. Between 69-36 B.C., king Antiochus I of Commagene constructed a magnificent tomb-sanctuary on Nemrut’s 2150-meter summit. Although it has received international public attention since its discovery in 1881, the Nemrut monument has never been fully appreciated in Turkey. Despite being listed as a Unesco Cultural Heritage site in 1987 and becoming a national park in 1988, the monument still facesserious conservation problems. The statue of the goddess of Commagene on the east terrace, for instance, which had survived intact until a few decades ago, has collapsed. Unfortunately, just as earthquakes and the harsh climate of the region have taken a toll on the monument, uncontrolled, ever-increasing tourism also threatens the site. The Dexiosis Stella and the Lion Horoscope on the west terrace-damaged by visitors stepping on them-are among the pieces requiring immediate attention. A restoration project was initiated in 1984, but the work was left unfinished. Hopefully, new efforts will soon be made to preserve and protect the Nemrut monument. With this goal in mind, and to raise public awareness about the site, Türkiye İş Bankası and Archaeology and Art Publications are proud to present this photo album-the first publication of its kind devoted entirely to views of Mount Nemrut from the air. (Nezih Başgelen)

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