If I Have Super Powers Can I Talk to Allah? kitabını indir

If I Have Super Powers Can I Talk to Allah?
Woowww! I congratulate you, my dear curious friend for finding my very well hidden second diary.

You have already read the first one so nothing is secret anymore. Well, read this one too but I warn you, don’t ever think that “I know the first one this must be quite similar.” Not at all. This is the Super Kid talking! My each and every diary is more super then the one before. In my first diary, my biggest concern was about seeing Allah. You already know how I solved this issue. In this diary, I have a more interesting question: If I have super powers, can I talk to Allah? You have never imagined before, haven’t you? If you have, just tell me that I can make you a member of the Super Kids’ Club. OK there is no such club but if you want to we can form one. If you don’t have super powers, don’t be upset. I gave all the details of having super powers and talking to Allah in this diary. If you read it carefully you can be as super as I am. Well, maybe not as much as me but quite close..

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