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Other Colours
From Orhan Pamuk, winner of the 2006 Nobel Prize in Literature, comes a personal selection of the best from twenty-five years’ work. His original pieces have been sympathetically revisited by the author, and the result is a new work of great narrative richness and intensity. Other Colours ranges from lyrical autobiography to essays on literature and culture, from humour to political analysis, from delicate evocations of his friendship with his daughter to provocative discussions of Eastern and Western art.

Reflections on Pamuk’s first passport, his first trip to Europe, his father’s death, his recent court case, and the Istanbul earthquake share space with pieces on writers as various as Laurence Sterne and Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Vladimir Nabokov and Mario Vargas Llosa. There are sections on Istanbul, New York – where Pamuk lived for two years – and on the writing of each of his novels. Interspersed among these are some of Pamuk’s own black and white drawings, as well as his short story ‘Looking Out the Window’.

‘My Father’s Suitcase’, Pamuk’s 2006 Nobel Lecture, a brilliant illumination of what it means to be a writer, completes the selection from one of literature’s most eminent and popular figures.

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