If I Have Super Eyes Can I See Allah? kitabını indir

If I Have Super Eyes Can I See Allah?
I have been hiding this diary from everybody but it seems you found it.

Alright, I’ll let you read a little bit. I don’t mind you finding out that I am ™the Super Kid∫.

Actually I can’t wait to see the shock in your eyes after reading my diary.

Why don’t flowers eat steak? Did Uncle Salih made all stars at the sky? Who did sew my finger when I accidentally cut it? I answered lots of difficult questions in this diary. You ask how? Because I am super. OK Fine! My grandma answered it but so what? At the end , my Super Diary, my Super Grandma and I, the Super Kid, we made up a perfect team! And I realized by time; if I look with my super eyes, I can see Allah.

Maybe you have super eyes that you are not aware of them yet. And you can see Allah too!

Of course you cannot be as super as I am!

Don’t get too excited!

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